Therapy is a journey of self-discovery.

At times, therapy is hard work.

At other times, it is joyful to finally be seen and heard.

As therapy reveals more and more of your authentic nature, your life has the potential to light up and shine in new ways. You will develop an abundance of new skills that enhance all parts of your life. As you change over time, the world outside of you changes, too. New possibilities open fresh ways to relate to work, home life, and yourself!

Let’s start the journey.

This is your opportunity to have the life you always wanted to live.

You are welcome to bring your pains, hurts, wounding… whatever you need help with. I support you to find an anchor in your inner authentic life journey. In this process, you may share with me the most meaningful part of your life: your soul work. By creating a safe place for pain and wounds to heal, your deepest self can come forth.


My approach to therapy begins with the interconnectedness of mind, body, soul, and spirit. This holistic method focuses on health and wholeness. I support individuals as they feel, digest, and embody the full range of human emotions, leading to the experience of being alive and living in the present. Sessions build upon each other and support insights, embodied presence, and unrealized connections.

I am a body-oriented licensed marriage and family psychotherapist. I completed my clinical training in Berkeley, CA, while earning a doctorate in somatics with a specialization in Jungian depth psychotherapy. My doctoral research explored community dream groups, imagination in the body, and archetypal ritual.

Through many transformations, much gained, and layers shed, my heroine’s journey eventually drew an arc back to Portland where I now offer its fruits to others through imagination-based programs and healing therapy.

I’m excited to accompany you in your adventure as you explore what is most essential to you and your path.

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