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“Can I get my relationship back to how it used to be?”

Your relationship has gotten stressful. Things are strained, and you feel anxiety and sadness. It’s a painful cycle with your partner.

Help is here!

In couple’s therapy, we’ll explore how you met and fell in love, and then focus on:

  • When, how, and where did you get stuck?
  • Do you know how to listen and hear each other?
  • Has trust been compromised?
  • Do you have the same arguments over and over, without any changes?
  • Are you supportive of each other?
  • Are you able to make joint decisions skillfully with good compromises?
  • Do you appreciate, love, and respect one another?

How I help my clients:

I am a licensed marriage therapist and I am passionate about helping my clients create the kind of love relationships they want to be in. Following no prescription of what your relationship should be like, I’ll listen and support skill-building, honest communication, and mutual respect to solve problems.

I use expressive arts therapy, somatics, AEDP, and an EFT for couples approach.

Who do I help?

My practice is full of couples from diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. I work with interracial couples, LGBTQIQ couples, and different relationship structures. It’s important to me to create a protected environment for people to explore the most vulnerable issues in their lives in a safe therapeutic space.

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