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When you began your relationship, life was good.

Things were exciting and full of pleasure. There were new worlds to explore through each other’s eyes. There was romance, the ease of passion, and the expression of joy as your new relationship blossomed into love.

Along the way, it’s possible relationships will need some work to stay happy and healthy. This may stretch your relationship into a new area of growth. These growing pains can be strenuous.

Relationship counseling can help fine-tune some of the difficult areas.

Keep Hope

When experiencing pain, disconnect, or hopelessness about your relationship, it’s important to keep hope. Most couples face difficulty at some point. It’s common to have issues that you don’t know how to resolve. These struggles will not last forever – unless ignored.

How Couples Counseling Helps

Couples counseling provides the skills and tools to directly confront the discomfort in your relationship. Addressing these struggles provides an opportunity to learn new ways of communicating and encourages your relationship to grow and change in productive ways.

How I can help

Since 2012, I’ve worked in marriage and family therapy, supporting couples and individuals. What I love about my job is helping people to come to new insights that change their lives for the better.

I’ve helped save relationships from the brink of ending, supported endings when it is the best thing for both people, encouraged premarital couples to take the leap, and helped newlyweds get through those first few years.

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