Expressive Arts Is for Everyone!

You don’t have to be an artist; you only need to allow yourself to be creative and express yourself.

Expressive Arts and Imagination

Exploring your inner world through color, drawing, acting, song or poetry can change your life. In moments of acute anguish, being able to express yourself in image or sound, instead of thinking your way through your problems, gives you a chance to see your emotional and creative process outside of yourself and on paper.

When you can see yourself mirrored in art, or a symbol you just drew, resonance and self-knowing come together helping you create a new story about your life and your patterns. Storytelling informs how we see and experience the world. By freeing your imagination to express your deepest narratives, you can transform your future by transforming your past through creative expression.


Expressive arts therapy incorporates drawing, writing, drama, movement, music, sand play, and/or painting. The goal is not to use artistic skills, but instead to work with symbols, colors, movements, and/or sounds towards healing.

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