The past is never dead.
It’s not even past.
– Faulkner

The Weight of Old Stories

When unhealthy patterns, old stories, and/or traumas remain unchanged for long periods of time, even decades, it lives inside you as if it just happened yesterday. It shows up in your life in the form of anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, or chronic negative self-talk.

It can feel demoralizing and defeating – like daily life is a constant struggle.

When these patterns and traumas aren’t resolved, the consequences can be harder to deal with than the process of change itself.

The Change that Therapy Can Bring

Therapy can bring to light old patterns or memories and help you unravel traumas from long ago. Undergoing a transformational process can release you into a whole new way of responding to the world.

Therapy helps by providing a safe space for you to explore your relationships and feelings, work through the sources of your pain with guidance and support, and open up your imagination – allowing old wounds to heal.

By embracing the change process, you can create a healthier mind-body connection for greater happiness in the present and the future.

Call Kimberly

Hi, I’m Kimberly,

I want to help you embrace your best life. Together, we will go from a situational problem to a life full of meaning. As a highly empathic and imaginative person, I take the journey with you and hold your fears and anxieties in a safe cocoon, where we transform suffering into vibrant new life.

I would like to help you learn to express yourself and create the kind of life you want to live. I am happy to be a part of the miracles of transformation and growth as you develop in ways you have always wanted to grow. By working with sorrow, suffering, and empathy together, your imagination can open up and healing can happen. The most meaningful part of my job is in those moments when we share a feeling of joy for the healing made along the way.

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