Individual Therapy

Hello, I imagine you are here because something isn’t quite right in your life, and you are seeking guidance to make positive changes. As you explore what therapy has to offer you, the startling revelation may dawn on you that you are embarking on a journey to the inner life.

The process of psychotherapy, when it goes at all deep, sets into motion profound and mysterious happenings.
– Edward Edinger, 1994

Forge a Connection to Your Inner Life

Your inner world comprises images, fantasies, dreams, sensations, reflections, feelings – the entire contents of your imagination. To know yourself, I encourage you to explore your feeling centers – like your heart and the gut. This brings forth the potential of your strengths and authentic Self into the world.

In Therapy

You will have a chance to examine the issues you face and learn new tools and skills to deepen your mind-body relationship. We will meet one-on-one for your specialized care and attention. Through empathic attunement and building trust, you will have an opportunity to feel your way into greater attunement with yourself. This will help you to integrate insights into everyday life.

Our Collaboration

The mystery of therapy comes from our work together and is made up of what lies between me and you. In this collaborative process, we hand-stitch a metaphorical quilt together, both choosing the patterns, colors, and designs to integrate into your life. Over time, new patterns replace the old, you think and feel in colors you hadn’t before, and find yourself in a life design of your own making.

Get Help when you Need It!