“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
– Rumi

Hello, I imagine you are here because something isn’t quite right in your life, and you are seeking guidance to make positive changes.

As you explore what therapy has to offer you, more clarity emerges that you are embarking on a journey into your inner life.

Forge a Connection to Your Inner Life

Your inner world is comprised of images, fantasies, dreams, sensations, reflections, feelings – the entire content of your imagination.

To know yourself, I encourage you to explore your feeling centers – like your heart and the gut. This brings forth the amazing potential of your life gifts and authentic Self into the world.

In Therapy

You will have a chance to examine the issues you face and learn new tools and skills to deepen your mind-body relationship.

We will meet one-on-one for your specialized care and attention. I’ll respond to your struggles with empathy and compassion as you share what brings you to therapy.

Through therapy, you will get the support you need to process feelings and emotions directly and integrate insights into your everyday life.

Our Collaboration

We will work together to create the life you want.

The magic of therapy comes from our work and the potential to enhance your growth and creativity. By healing old wounds, new life is possible. It is a collaborative process that has the potential to create significant change in your life.

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