for Kimberly & Tom

"My mind has been cracked opened."

"The assignments/exercises were very good for sparking us, challenging us & getting us outside the mindbox & into our bodies."

"Being in a small group is like being in a social laboratory, where I can practice & hone skills in group participation."

"I am deeply inspired & humbled by the human species. Just when I get lazy & start thinking we are all useless cattle being driven over the edge of an unspeakable abyss, I meet people who are changing our world by engaging in courageous acts of self-inquiry & aching for wholeness."

"Class was a deeply satisfying experience. Your co- facilitation complemented each other: male/female, psychotherapist/academic."

"It was beautiful to see the interplay & dance between the two of you as hosts. Bravo. You are really onto something beautiful with this workshop & I think it will thrive."

"Life-giving is the sentiment that surfaces when pondering the Becoming Capable experience. The story crafted through the readings; fertile, expansive, evocative. Those thinkers woven together into our imaginative narrative, shape so particular a foundation for making the gleaning choice. Such a spanning net of niches all speaking to one another, collaborating."

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