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Life is stressful. Things are strained. You feel anxious and sad.

Finding a therapist can help you to feel good again – to live the life you always wanted.

There are many things to explore as we learn why we think what we think and sometimes cannot move off the rollercoaster we feel ‘stuck’ on.

Exploring may include old wounds that need healing, relationship issues, unhealed traumas, addictions, and communication patterns.

How I Help My Clients

Together, we work with different modalities using a relationship-oriented approach, including:

  • Expressive Arts
  • Psychodramas
  • Movement
  • Drawing
  • Meditation
  • Dreamwork
  • Active Imagination

I offer not only talk therapy, but also include the mind-body connection, creativity, and healing from the depth of our soul.

Together We Can Take Your Journey

It is important to me to help my clients create the kind of life they want to live. I listen to your needs and support skill-building, open communication, and mutual respect to solve problems in your life.

I am a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology and Somatics, and a Marriage and Family Therapists Intern in Portland.

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