Individual Therapy

Your inner world is comprised of images, fantasies, dreams, sensations, reflections – the entire content of your imagination.

Couples Counseling

Things were exciting and full of pleasure. There were new worlds to explore through each other’s eyes.

Community Dreaming

Let’s explore community dreaming and embodiment practices towards individuation, and the use of the imaginative function to connect the body and the imagination.


Are you hungry for inspiration?
Do you want to feel more alive?
Join our community of lively souls every other week for 90 minutes to entertain, and be entertained by, IDEAS!

I want to help you embrace your best life. Together, we will go from a situational problem to a life full of meaning. As a highly empathic & imaginative person, I take the journey with you and hold your fears and anxieties in a safe cocoon, where we transform suffering into vibrant new life.
I would like to help you learn to express yourself and create the kind of life you want to live. I am happy to be a
part of the miracles of transformation and growth as you develop in ways you have always wanted to grow. By working with sorrow,
suffering, and empathy together, your imagination can open up and healing can happen. The most meaningful part of my job
is in those moments when we share a feeling of joy for the healing made along the way.

– Kimberly Christensen, Phd, LMFT

Get Help when you Need It!