Individual Therapy

Your inner world comprises images, fantasies, dreams, sensations, reflections – the entire content of your imagination.

Couples Counseling

Things were exciting and full of pleasure. There were new worlds to explore through each other’s eyes.

Community Dreaming

Let’s explore community dreaming and embodiment practices towards individuation, and the use of the imaginative function to connect the body and the imagination.


Are you hungry for inspiration?
Do you want to feel more alive?
Join our community of lively souls every other week for 90 minutes to entertain, and be entertained by, IDEAS!

Step Into Your Body

Infused with trauma-informed care , my practice is a sanctuary where safety, respect, and empathy are paramount in reconnecting your mind to your body. We understand the profound impact of trauma, and my therapeutic approach is designed to gently guide individuals back to a sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Through techniques that engage the body, we offer a path to recovery that honors the individual’s pace and process.

Body-centered therapy, deeply influenced by the pioneering work of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, embraces this connection, offering a compassionate path to recovery for those affected by trauma. This approach integrates the wisdom of the body into the healing process, acknowledging how trauma can manifest physically and how addressing these manifestations can lead to profound healing.

I am proud to join this year’s cohort of the Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate Program – Led by Dr. Van Der Kolk.

“Embark on your transformative journey! With over a decade of experience in therapy, I’m here to help you explore your story, heal trauma, and reclaim your resilience. Let’s tackle life’s challenges together with courage and heart.”

– Kimberly Christensen, PhD, LMFT

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