If your display driver is corrupt or outdated, it could lead to a problem with your display. Fortunately, it’s easy to update the display or graphics driver. Below, we walk you through the steps of both updating and reinstalling drivers in detail. The Device Manager in Windows 10 enables you to manually update device driver software with ease. It checks if a newer version of the driver available for a selected device and then downloads and installs it, if available.

  • Your “Driver is unavailable” issue may be the result of a faulty core file.
  • When they become outdated or corrupt, you are likely to run into this problem.
  • If the jumpers are supported by the hardware and your operating system, verify they are set to plug and play or software mode.
  • In addition to that, the updater gives you the option to disregard the updates if it is essential to do so.

And if everything is working well then you might be better Killer Wireless-N 1202 driver download windows 11 off not updating them at all. It’s usually things like graphics cards, which receive constant patches to support recent games, that need updating the most. Windows will automatically update your drivers via Windows Update.

Nvidia graphics drivers

They’ll usually help smooth out bugs and optimize performance for newly released games. Essentially, they are there to keep the GPU running effectively and can be vital for ensuring your games run smoothly. When you update Windows, your computer will also update DirectX This is important, as DirectX is a gaming and multimedia API. The “D3D11-compatible GPU” error message references Direct3D 11, a part of DirectX. As the “D3D11-compatible GPU” error is linked with DirectX, it’s recommended that you install all available Windows updates and see if that solves the error. The “D3D11-compatible GPU” error is a common game-related error for both Windows 10 and 11.

  • Just as a faulty CPU can stop your PC from booting, a motherboard problem can cause the same issue.
  • After selecting your plan, click on the “Continue” button and save your connection.
  • If you bought the physical computer component itself then you may find that it came with a CD that includes drivers.

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